Seasonal Children's Consignment Sale Happy Happy Hippos in Brooksville Florida

Tips on Pricing, Tagging and Printing


Pricing Tips

As a consignor, you set the price on all items that you are selling. Remember that bargain hunters are looking for awesome deals, so be reasonable with your pricing. Thirty percent of the original retail price is normally a good asking price. Name brand items (like Baby Lulu, Little Tikes, etc) and larger items (strollers, cribs, etc) will sell for more. Consider what YOU would pay for each item if you found it at the sale. New items with original tags can be priced a little higher than those without. Take into consideration the name brand and condition of the item when pricing.

We also recommend that you allow your items to go half-price on Sunday especially if you are going to donate it. It is better to get 50% than nothing at all and have to take it back home. Sunday shoppers are very thrifty and often will not even consider an item unless it is half-price!

Items must be at least $1.00. All items must be priced in increments of $1.00 ($2.00, $3.00, $4.00, etc.) If an item is not worth $1, group it together with other items.

Here is a basic guideline for pricing but remember this is only a guide. You may price things as you wish. This is only a guide to go by.

Clothing --For name brands such as Carters, Children's Place, Gap, Osh Kosh, Old Navy and Gymboree. Shirts- $1 to $3 for shirts for nicer, dressier shirts $2 to $4. 2pc Outfits $3 to $8, Dresses $3 to $10, Multi-pieced outfits(matching accessories, tights, hats, etc.) $6 to $12, Jeans/Pants $1 to $5.

For boutique like brands, Oilily, Strasburg, Orient Expressed, Mis Tee V Us, Baby Lulu and other European brands, you can price a little bit higher.
For name brands that you find at Walmart, Kmart or Target, prices need to be on the lower end of the scale. The items condition must be taken into consideration when pricing too.

Baby Equipment -- Strollers - Prices depend on the brand, features of the stroller, condition, age and accessories. Most strollers (not umbrella) will be anywhere from $20 to $80 dollars. If your stroller comes with a carseat and base, then it will be on the higher end. Double strollers can be priced a little higher again depending on condition and age. Remember to price to sell. Check or and look at retail prices if you still have questions.

Cribs -- NO DROP DOWN CRIBS WILL BE ACCEPTED! CRIBS MUST BE MANUFACTURED AFTER JUNE 2011. PLEASE CHECK RECALLS IF BRINGING IN A CRIB. Recalled Products There is a lot of variance on Cribs. Take into consideration the age, condition, brand and style of your crib. Usually most cribs will sell for $20 to $100. Some cribs like round cribs and Pali Cribs will sell for more.

Walkers -- $5 to $20 price depends on if the tray has toys, does it convert to other things.
Bouncy Seats -- $5 to $15 Price depends on if it vibrates, lights or plays music.
Swings -- $10 to $50 Price depends on features. Some swings with more features can be priced higher.
Pack n Plays -- $10 to $60 depending on brand, features and age and condition.
Car Seats -- $10 to $50 depending on brand and age and condition. Also car seats must be less than 6 years old with manufactured date sticker still on it.

Toys -- There is a huge variance for prices on toys. Take into consideration, age, condition and name brand. Name brands like Little Tykes, Leapfrog, Leapsters, VTech sell well. If you have a toy that comes with a lot of accessories that were bought separately, then add on a few extra dollars for the accessories.
Bigger toys like bikes, tricycles, outdoor playsets will sell for more. Outdoor Playsets sell really well and go quick.

Again, remember you set the prices as you would like, this is just a guide.


Use cardstock paper to print your tags on. If you do not want your items sold at half price, then do not click the discount box when entering it in online.

  • In the description box, put name brand, color and if there is any extra pieces, like a matching hat.
  • Hang all clothing on a WIRE hanger. The hanger needs to face left so it looks like a question mark (?).

    We do buy wire hangers in bulk that you can buy directly from us. Sometimes dry cleaners will sell wire hangers to you as well.
  • DO NOT put clothing in zip lock bags.If you want to sell multiple one pieces or sleepers together, saftey pin them to a wire hanger through the shoulder area.
  • At the top of the tag, it says pin here, use a safety pin and attach it to clothing. Do not use the small safety pins. Use the medium or large size only.
  • Safety pin your tag to clothing on the upper right front side.
  • Tape tag with clear packing tape to toys, baby equipment, video, etc. Please only use one piece of packing tape so it will be easier to remove at check-out.
  • Any item in a zip lock bag, tape the tag to the outside of the bag.
  • Tape zip lock bags, DVD and Game cases shut.

How to Print Tags

  • Login to the website and click the print tag button.

  • Use CARDSTOCK paper to print your tags on. Regular paper has a tendency to tear.

  • Turn off ALL pop up blockers before printing.

  • DO NOT use the highest print quality to print out the tags!!! Use a lower setting!! The higher print qualities make the bar code unreadable for the scanners.

  • Use Internet Explorer rather than Firefox. Sometimes there are issues using Firefox to print. If this happens try using Internet explorer.

  • Mac users need to use Internet explorer to print rather than Safari.

  • You can print out tags after the deadline for entering items.

  • Get Ready for our next sale! As your child grows, wash and hang your clothes. This will make getting ready for the next sale a breeze!